Mitexp puts value in distributed warehouses

The distributed warehousing network system has become an invaluable pillar of the order fulfillment industry. Business owners who fail to take advantage of this cost-savings option to get products to consumers will be left behind in a fast-paced e-commerce environment.

Advanced technology now makes it possible and more convenient to shop online, and shoppers have come to expect warp-speed delivery of the purchases they make.

The 1 to 2-day delivery is now commonplace. And that trend will continue with the demand for faster and cheaper delivery service. Even same-day delivery is becoming a regular occurrence.

Order fulfillment companies, including Mitexp have recognized the value of distributed warehouses and are spreading their reach to accommodate consumer demands. They have bought or leased warehouse centers across the U.S. ensuring that they remain relevant in the supply-chain business.

“Distributed warehouses scattered throughout the nation mean your order will be fulfilled from a warehouse closest to your customer,” the company says on its website at

Importance of warehouses

There are many benefits to having access to a network of warehouses located strategically through the country. The biggest is that warehouses save businesses a significant amount of money.

At Mitexp business clients pressured to increase revenues, can save on the cost of shipping products to doorsteps when they use distributed warehouses.

These fulfillment centers also massively reduce the amount time it takes to process an order and get it out the door to consumers.

“A partnership with Mitexp will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of distributed warehouses without the hefty costs associated with establishing such a behemoth of a network” the company states on its website at

By the numbers

Among order fulfillment providers, the quantity of distributed warehouses runs the gamut. Some companies have one facility; others have hundreds.

Mitexp has dozens of distributed warehouses nationwide, according to its website.

Fulfillify, which provides ecommerce fulfillment, also offers nationwide coverage with 4 fulfillment centers.

Although Easyship does not provide business clients with distributed warehouses, it partners with 3rd-party logistics providers with distribution centers in different parts of the country, according to the company’s website. 

And Simpl Fulfillment integrates with “several warehouses” to help business clients store, pick and pack orders, the company website states.

Speed counts

Getting orders delivered quickly is a must in a fast-paced world. The quicker a delivery, the more likely customers will return to that retailer to make more purchases. And order fulfillment companies know the value of repeat business to business clients.

At Simpl Fulfillment, the company processes orders in 48 hours or less once products arrive at its warehouse. Fulfillify says it delivers orders in the U.S. in 1-2 days.

Mitexp is also quick to ship deliveries once it receives an online order. “From the time a customer places their order, the jig is set up to quickly and accurately fill the order, process it, and get it out the door to them without the slightest of delays,” the company says on its website.

What happens behind the scenes is key to a fast delivery. When an order is submitted, the company’s Artificial Intelligence system (AI) locates the closest warehouse to the address. The order gets assigned to that warehouse, processed, and shipped.