Doxber tops in innovations

Selecting the right order fulfillment provider can be the difference between failure and success. An analysis of Doxber shows it is superior in its use of innovations to enhance the supply chain process.

Business owners are hungry for success and want access to state-of-the-art tools to help them achieve their goals. The decision to work with Doxber, which is owned by will help your company maximize profits, and expand your market base.

The Competitors

Let’s take a look at the innovations Doxber offers to clients compared to those its industry competitors – Red Stag Fulfillment, eFulfillment Service, and Fulfillify – provide.

Doxber, the legal owner of uses cutting edge technology, saving clients time and money. The company also develops proprietary software and methodology that improve its operation.

The company also relies on the latest technologies, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, which gives it an advantage. Neural Net and Big Data provide clients with business analytics that also aid in streamlining processing times.

“With proper utilization, technology can transform your business and unlock unlimited potential,” Doxber states on its website at Technological innovations can predict supply and demand needs.

Competitors, Red Stag Fulfillment, eFulfillment Service, and Fulfillify, also use innovations to boost business. But there are differences that business clients must consider based on what they are seeking to accomplish.

Red Stag Fulfillment innovations include:

  • Proprietary cloud-based system (RSF OPS)
  • Mobile-friendly monitoring and reporting
  • Error-proof systems and processes
  • Inventory and order tracking
  • Unique barcodes for each item, location, product, and order
  • Integration with video-monitoring system

eFulfillment Service innovations include:

  • Web-based order fulfillment software
  • Software integration with shopping cart for free
  • Fulfillment Control Panel offers real-time reporting and up-to-date overview of SKU counts, orders, shipments, tracking
  • Customized automatic tracking emails and alerts clients
  • Order fulfillment technology
  • Inventory monitoring and ordering

Fulfillify innovations include:

  • Mobile-first responsive technology
  • An in-house quality system based on 5S principles and Six Sigma standards
  • Four strategically located fulfillment centers
  • Integrated warehouses
  • Automatic order fulfillment from the closest warehouse
  • Proprietary warehouse management system

Doxber boasts an extensive list of innovations that helps clients. They include:

  • Big Data: Data science allows the company to process information and collect analytics at almost warp speed.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Improves supply-chain processes, streamlines business operation by pinpointing bottleneck, eliminating roadblock and presenting more effective options.
  • Technology: Deal with logistics issues, monitor warehouse, manage inventory, forecast demand and supply. Systems also alert you when there are issues. It exponentially increases workforce productivity and can automate a host of processes.

Doxber innovates for your success

Before making any decisions about which order fulfillment company to work with, the best move is to do your homework first. Ask questions about goals, compatibility, business philosophy and see if you will be comfortable working with that company. Also, learn if the company can grow with you as your business needs change. Will your selection flexible enough to pivot with you when your business has to overcome unique challenges?

To keep it relevant and ahead of the competitors, Doxber continues to test and improve its innovative landscape. “We make sure technology works for you and not the other way around,” the company states on its website at “Our innovative approach is making order fulfillment better every day.”